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Ramp Conditions
Mar 31, 2023

The snow is staying longer this year than it has in recent years. Most ramps and parking are still snow-covered and difficult. Here's a brief rundown but you can always call with questions.
We'll post some more info as things start to thaw.
  • Dam: Closed !
  • Husky's (Palisades Creek): Closed
  • Irwin Slide: Open***
  • Spring Creek Bridge: Open*
  • Conant: Closed !
  • Cottonwood: Closed
  • Wolverine: Closed
  • Wolf: Open**
  • Byington: Open*
  • Heise Bridge: Closed
  • Twin Bridges: Closed
  • Lorenzo: Open*
  • Menan: Open*
* Winter conditions. Expect snow-covered ramps and parking. You may need to rope your boat out of the river. Best to check your take-out ramp before you put on the river.
** The road to Wolf can be muddy and slick this time of year. The hill just before the ramp can often be slick and dangerous!
*** There isn't parking at the slide so you'll need to call ahead so we can meet you there.
! The Dam and Conant have one lane plowed into the ramp but parking is out on the roadside. It's ok to put in here but really hard to get out unless you're using a small raft.
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